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DPF Delete

About DPF Delete

Intended for Motorsport or Off-Road use ONLY

This product is world exclusive to JBS Auto Designs and Custom-Code

This JBS and C-C performance package is designed to be used in conjunction with Custom-Code DPF-OFF Software and the JBS DPF Delete pipe.

Endless hours of R&D along with the fault free software from Custom-Code now allows you to fully enjoy your 140/170PPD equipped car.

Simply transform your driving experience. Nothing will prepare you for the extra power and torque the JBS DPF-OFF package delivers.

This has to be the most cost effective performance upgrade for the 140/170ppd available today.

With up to 240bhp on tap and a massive 340ft/lb you will find the acceleration and top end pull astounding with the 170PPD.

This is the first TRUE fault free solution for removing the Factory DPF.  

For Transverse Engine DPF Equipped Cars:

  • Large-Bore Downpipe and De-DPF
  • Labour to fit the above
  • Custom-Code DPF-OFF Tuning

For Longitudinal Engine DPF Equipped Cars

You will retain the standard look of the downpipe, for example - we open up the standard downpipe and remove the Diesel Particulate Filter and re-weld giving that 'OEM' look in conjunction with Custom-Code DPF-OFF software

  • JBS 'OEM' Style Downpipe and De-DPF
  • Labour to remove DPF and fit the above (Approx: 6 hours)
  • Custom-Code DPF-OFF Tuning


Expected Power Gains - 170PPD:

We have seen increases between 210-240bhp and 310-340lb/ft**

MPG Gains:

Testing has seen upto 10-15MPG extra!

If you already have Custom-Code Phase 1 then the price will be reduced by a further 10%

**This is dependent on current modifications.