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About Custom-Calibrations

JBS Custom-Calibrations have three main products:

Stage One, Stage Two and Stage Three.

Stage One is the best generic remap available for your vehicle. It has been designed to work on standard and lightly modified vehicles to give an impressive increase in power and drivability, taking into consideration fuel economy, smoothness and boost levels (if applicable).

Stage Two builds on the success of the Phase One remap taking into consideration all the costly modifications such as Hybrid Turbos, FMICs, downpipes, exhausts and induction kits etc. This allows us to obtain the best possible power from your engine, also allowing you the opportunity to tailor your driving experience by telling us exactly how you like your car to behave and how you wish the increased power to be delivered.

Stage Three is the true next generation code for your vehicle. This option caters for the extreme enthusiast who demands nothing but perfection from their highly modified vehicle. Big Turbo upgrades, Superchargers, Cubic Capacity increases and Nitrous Oxide are just some of the modifications that can be coded for.

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