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At JBS Auto Designs we offer general servicing, ranging from a quick oil and filter change to a complete major service all carried out with the care and precision your car deserves.

Procedures from a simple coolant flush to a 100K major service are all part of the excellent service we provide and are taken on with the utmost care and respect to your vehicle.

At JBS Auto Designs all our technicians are fully trained and have been working in the VAG industry for a combined 30 years.

We also now offer the following :

  • Air-Con Check and Re-gas - £90 including VAT
  • Nitrous Bottle Re-fill - £5.90 including VAT per lb
  • MOT - £35 including VAT

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Click below for further information :

Engine Oil and Filter Change

10/30/50/70/90K Mile Service

20/60/100K Mile Service

40/80K Mile Service

Cambelt and Water Pump Replacement (Recommend at 60K)

Brake Fluid Change (Recommend every 2 years)

Coolant Flush

Haldex Oil and Filter Changes

Gearbox Oil and *Filter change

Wheel Alignment



* *Filters are only used in some gearboxes.