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Posted 15th January 2011
R8 Sunshine on a rainy day...

Well, lets face it the weather today has been awful, but every cloud has a silver lining and the sun soon shone when this beautiful Audi R8 came into the workshop for a touch of the old Custom-Code sparkle!


The first R8 to receive the NEW Custom-Code VVT Attack software.


The 4.2 V8 model holds a strong 414bhp totally stock, using a fully automatic transmission and offers the handling ability of a go-kart!


After a few hours of logging and tuning we have achieved a 25bhp and 40nm's of torque below 3000 RPM, turning this already passionate car into a real drivers dream!


Many thanks to Gareth for choosing JBS and Custom-Code, and wish him many miles of happy motoring!!

For more information on VVT Attack please contact us.