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Posted 20th September 2011
JBS Launches DPF Delete for MED17 / Common Rail Vehicles


We at JBS are proud to announce that we can now carry out our famous DPF Delete on the newer Common Rail / MED17 vehicles.


This includes vehicles such as:

Seat Leon 140/170bhp '09+

Skoda Octavia vRS 170 '09+

VW Golf 140/170bhp '09+

Audi A3 140/170bhp  '09+


Endless hours of R&D along with the fault free software from Custom-Code now allows you to fully enjoy your 170 CR equipped car.


Simply transform you driving experience. Nothing will prepare you for the extra power and

torque the JBS DPF-OFF package delivers.


This has to be the most cost effective performance upgrade for the 170 CR available today.


With up to 240bhp on tap and a massive 340ft/lb you will find the acceleration and top end

pull astounding.


This is the first TRUE fault free solution for removing the Factory DPF.



Expected Power Gains:


We have seen increases between 210-240bhp and 310-340lb/ft**


MPG Gains:


Testing has seen upto 10-15MPG extra!

**This is dependent on current modifications.


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