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Inline Check Valve: 15psi "crack pressure" 4mm Hose

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This product can be used with any car or engine, although additional items may need to accompany it.


15psi Check valve

The check valve was originally designed for supercharged engine to prevent water being siphoned through the water jet during idle. Recently it has been used for twin jet application where water is again being siphoned between the jets due to pressure in-balance and causes unnecessary delay during injection. Twin-jet application requires two check valves and must be installed immediately after the jets.

The Check valve is very small , measures less than 24mm in length and 9.5mm in diameter excluding the hosetail terminals which protude approximately 11mm from each end of the body. Available only for 4mm O/D pipe.

The valve can perform consistly within 0.5 psi of the rated "crack pressure" and can withstand 20 bars in the reverse direction.

The valve has and orifice of 2mm and maximum flow of 1 litre of water per minute at 4 bars with only 0.1bar of pressure drop.

It is available to anyone who requires high speed delivery response for a single jet application and stable twin-jet application; supercharge engine requires the valve for preventing the siphoning effect under idle.

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£18.72 inc VAT