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JBS 2.0 TSI K04 Turbocharger Kit

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See What Engines/Models This Product Fits
Petrol: 2.0 TSI (208), 2.0 TSI (200)
VW: Golf (MK6) (09+), Golf R (09+), Passat (B6) (05+), Jetta (Mk6) (10+)
Skoda: Yeti (09+), Octavia (1Z) (06+), Superb (B6) (08 - 15)
Seat: Toledo (5P) (04 - 09), Altea/XL/Freetrack (04+), Leon (1P) (05+)
Audi: A3 (8P) (03+)

The JBS Transverse 2.0 TSI Turbocharger Conversion Package will upgrade your current factory rated 158hp and 180lb-ft Transverse 2.0 TSI EA888 Engine with all of the necessary OEM components from the European Audi S3 and VW Golf R and meticulously recalibrated Engine Management to produce 330 horsepower and 335lb-ft of torque on 98 RON petrol.

Reliability, drivability, stealth and enhanced performance that cannot be bested are the highlights of our newest OEM-component based conversion package.

Our engineers have expertly recalibrated the engine management system to allow for a broad torque curve which results in a smooth linear pull throughout the power band. Keeping the track enthusiast in mind, this conversion package will not result in overpowering of the driveline but will allow for smooth acceleration to easily maintain control while cornering.

The Borg Warner K04 turbocharger selected by VAG engineers is perfectly sized for the 2.0 liters of displacement to allow for stout horsepower numbers as the rpm's increase with no fall off as redline approaches. This ensures plenty of power in the high rpm's for continued acceleration in the straights or for shifting back into the healthiest portion of the power band at the drag strip.

One of the greatest benefits to the JBS K04 turbocharger system is its simple, yet elegant design.


Please note, this kit does NOT come supplied with Software, however we can offer a Custom-Code Phase 3 customised remap at a discount, which can be added to the kit using the drop down menu below. The software can only be installed at JBS HQ in Chesterfield.

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This is the same turbo which comes factory on the Audi TTS and VW Golf R. The turbo is carefully adapted to allow a complete bolt-on installation that requires no modifications to the car or its components. Unlike other kits on the market.

The carefully machined compressor housing of the turbo allows the diverter valve to mount directly to the turbo.With the diverter valve mounted directly on the turbo, no external plumbing is needed and an OEM look is achieved.This is a complete turbo kit which includes all of the components necessary for installation.

Please note that to achieve the best performance out of this turbo kit an uprated downpipe is recommended, either a Sports Cat or De-Cat can be selected from the drop down menu but please be aware that they must be fitted in conjunction with a Milltek Cat-back system and the De-cat is for motorsports use only.


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£1,750.00 exc VAT
£2100.00 inc VAT

2.0 TSI K04 Turbocharger Kit: