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Whiteline Anti Roll Bar - Front 22mm Heavy Duty Blade Adjustable (FWD)

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Diesel: 1.9 TDI (90), 1.9 TDI PD (100), 1.9 TDI (110), 1.9 TDI PD (115), 1.9 TDI PD (130), 1.9 TDI PD (150)
Petrol: 1.4 8v (60), 1.4 16v (75), 1.6 8v (100), 1.6 16v (105), 1.8 20v (125), 1.8 20v T NDBW (150), 1.8 20v T (150), 1.8 20v T (180), 1.8 20v T (210), 1.8 20v T (225), 1.8 20v T (240), 2.0 8v (115), 2.3 V5 (150), 2.3 V5 (170), 2.8 VR6 12v (170), 2.8 V6 24v (190-204), 3.2 V6 (225), 3.2 V6 (240)
Audi: TT (8N) (99 - 06), A3 (8L) (96 - 03)
Seat: Leon (1M) (99 - 05), Toledo (1M) (98 - 04)
Skoda: Octavia (1U) (98 - 10)
VW: Beetle (Mk2) (98 - 10), Bora (98 - 05), Golf (Mk4) (97 - 04)

This Whiteline 22mm 2 point adjustable sway bar = more grip = better handling = outright performance, it's the best dollar for dollar handling improvement you can make to your vehicle.

This Whiteline adjustable sway bar allows its rate to be altered by increasing or reducing the length of the lever arms. This permits the roll stiffness to be tuned for different situations without replacing the entire bar.

The stiffer the bar, the more force required to move the left and right wheels relative to each other. This increases the amount of force required to make the body roll.


Please Note: This Anti Roll Bar is 2 point adjustable for FWD vehicles Only and Suits models with control arm link mount, but is not suited to vehicles lowered more than 25mm.


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Whiteline Anti Roll Bars (Sway Bars) dramatically improve the grip, handling and performance of your vehicle. Cornering loads are spread more evenly across the tyres delivering more grip and frankly, that's what it's all about. You also get improved tyre wear as your tyres stay flatter and more upright. Comfort improves because your car sits flatter through bends meaning less movement inside the vehicle.

As the name suggests their objective is to reduce sway, or body roll, and stabilise a vehicle under lateral (cornering) forces. Formula 1 cars still use Anti Roll Bars along side the shocks and springs as it is the ONLY suspension component principally designed to control body roll.

Unfortunately, many aftermarket spring manufacturers still design their lowered springs too hard, trying to control body roll when it's the Anti Roll Bar's job.

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