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LOBA LO4xx Upgrade Sport Turbocharger 2.0 TFSI

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Petrol: 2.0 TFSI (170), 2.0 TFSI (210), 2.0 TFSI (230), 2.0 TFSI (240), 2.0 TFSI (260), 2.0 TFSI (270)
Audi: S3 (8P) (06+), TT (8J) (06+), TTS (8J) (08+)
Seat: Leon (1P) (05+)
Skoda: Octavia (1Z) (06+)
VW: Golf (Mk5) (05 - 09), Scirocco R (09+)

Built for power

LOBA take a two factory brand new OE BorgWarner turbochargers that combines and optimises with 5-AXIS CNC machining processes, fit a larger LOBA billet intake to the compressor housing and utilize the new latest technology large but light weight LOBA Motorsport billet compressor, unique in design, geometry and size for ultimate response, LOBA Motorsport billet compressor wheels are 25% lighter than original used cast items for unmatched response. LOBA billet compressor offers much greater strength over cast compressor for durability. 

Port matching the exhaust runners to the OE head exhaust ports to ensure maximum throughput and performance efficiency, also use a larger exhaust turbine wheel that we lighten and clip to reduce back pressure. 

Precision durability 

LO4xx is also fitted with a LOBA uprated turbo bearing. It has a greater bearing contact face to withstand the high loads that would destroy a standard bearing very quickly. The whole unit including the single parts are balanced to a far higher precision standard than OE, to less then 0.05 gmm.

Play with peak performance

You will not sacrifice low end horsepower or torque, however gain a massive amount of power in the mid range and top end, giving refined consistent performance thats well suited for motorsport use or street. The result is a balance of power and performance, longevity and durability with fantastic turbo response, spooling near like a stock KO4 to retaining stock-like drivability. 

Depending on engine management settings, engine condition and other components utilized this turbo is capable of producing more than 430PS.

The following LOBA specific optimizations were applied

  • LOBA state-of-the-art billet compressor wheel 
  • LOBA 5-axis CNC re-profiled compressor housing and backplate
  • LOBA 5-axis CNC machined exhaust manifold
  • LOBA port matched exhaust runners
  • LOBA special clipped turbine wheel
  • LOBA optimized clearances
  • LOBA modified actuator
  • LOBA uprated bearing system
  • LOBA precision balanced 
  • Made in Germany

(Requires custom intake and boost hose modification, but bolts on as OE and uses OE fittment downpipe, water and oil lines)

Performance engine software is required.

£2,568.14 exc VAT
£3081.77 inc VAT