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Integrated Engineering Forged Con-Rod for 4.2 and 3.6 V8

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Petrol: 4.2 V8 (310), 4.2T 40v (450)
Audi: A8 (D2) (94 - 03), RS6 (C5) (02 - 04)

When increasing the power output of an engine, internal parts begin to fail as they are pushed far beyond their limits. Integrated Engineering Forged Connecting Rods are designed to replace the factory units and take the beating from power-adding modifications.

Connecting rods are some of the highest stressed components in an engine and thus require extreme attention to detail to ensure proper operation and reliability. Integrated Engineering ensures the success of your next engine build by putting each set of connecting rods though a rigorous quality control process. For years Integrated Engineering H-beam Rods have been an integral part of delivering the power that the highest powered turbo setups and race engines demand.

Extra attention has been paid to even the smallest details such as the bearing tangs, wrist pin fit, and big end side clearance, providing a level of fit and finish not found anywhere else. Each and every set is finish machined and honed in-house for perfectly round and on size big-end bores, resulting in the industry\'s lowest failure rates. All rods in this series feature generous wrist pin oiling, and optional rifle drilling. One of the hallmarks of a high quality connecting rod is its strength to weight ratio. In order to create this balance of strength and light weight, our optimized H beam design is utilized and validated using modern CAD drafting and FEA analysis techniques. These techniques ensure the rod is as light and strong as possible, perfected for today\'s powerful and high rpm European applications.

Additional Product features:
2 Piece Forgings from Vacuum Drawn 4340 Chrome Moly Steel
Multi Stage Heat Treat for maximum strength, dimensional stability, and fatigue life
Fully Machined and Shot Peened
Magnaflux Inspected
Dimensionally Inspected
Packed in balanced sets +/- 1 gram
Combination tested to over 700HP+

Center to Center - 154mm
Wrist Pin - 21mm Non-Tapered
Big End Journal Width - 19.9mm
Big End Journal Diameter - 57.4mm
Average Rod Weight (With Bolts) - 586g
Rod Bolt Dimensions - 5/16"x1.5" UHL

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Please Note: These rods are primarily for engine codes AWN, BBD, BCY, but may fit others so please ask if yours isn't listed.

957.50 exc VAT
1149.00 inc VAT