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Forge Motorsport Intercooler (For Audi RS3 (8V))

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Petrol: 2.5 TFSI (367)
Audi: RS3 (8V) (15+)

Following on from Forge's very successful intercooler for the RS3 8P chassis, this intercooler for the RS3 8V chassis builds on their reputation for delivering cores that offer real-world increases in power and temperature drops.

Whilst the 8V chassis shares many components with the older 8P, the space available behind the bumper is a different shape and the crash bar has also changed. This required a whole new intercooler and crash bar setup for this latest chassis*

The RS3 8V core is a huge 640x250x100 and of bar and plate design. This gives it a huge 87% more surface area than stock, and an even more impressive 133% more volume. The end tanks are made with integrated pipes in order to retain the stock boost hoses, though you can also replace the hoses with FMKT024 boost hose set if you so wish. Just like on the 8P chassis, Forge supply a genuine Audi RS3 crash bar which has been modified in house in order to accept the new larger core, both are then finished in our standard black crackle finish powder coat for maximum longevity.

As shown in the graph above, for both tests we let the car heatsoak on the dyno until the radiator fans tripped on and off (which gives an inlet temperature of 36 deg C), then do a dyno pull from there. This gives a more consistent result and reflects real-world driving conditions more accurately. You can easily see the Forge intercooler cools much quicker and delivers a much greater drop in temperature compared to OEM.

On the standard car the intercooler was tested on, it made 362bhp completely stock (so largely in line with what Audi quote) with a peak intake temperature of 58 deg C. With just this intercooler fitted and no other modifications, the same car made 386bhp with a peak inlet temperature of 23 deg C, a gain of 24bhp and a drop of 35 deg C. Gains on mapped cars will likely be even more impressive as the stock intercooler core really starts to struggle on stage 1 mapped cars.

The kit contains full instructions for installation, which should take around 3.5 hours, and a complete kit which includes everything needed.


Please note: This product does not fit vehicles with adaptive cruise control (ACC)


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