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JBS EFR 320 Turbo Kit ('06) (R32)

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Petrol: 3.2 V6 (250)
VW: Golf (Mk5) (05 - 09)

JBS Mk5 R32 3.2 24v V6 EFR Turbo Kit


The JBS EFR 320 is our non-intercooled entry level kit utilising the OEM inlet manifold. Taking your 3.2 24v V6 from 250 to 320bhp. This is how the 3.2 should have been produced at the factory.

The JBS EFR 320 is the nearest thing to a OEM turbo kit money can buy. Designed, manufactured and mapped here in the UK specifically for RHD cars.

The JBS EFR 320 kit is designed to look like it came direct from VAG.

Using a custom cast exhaust manifold, Borg Warner EFR turbo and replacing the OEM downpipe with a JBS stainless steel in house developed and produced true 3" high flow downpipe.

Recognised as the new standard for quality and design, the JBS EFR series delivers an uncompromised RHD design with attention to detail that will blow your mind but not your wallet!

We have first hand experience with our competitor's products and we know based on our extensive development programme that our kits not only leave them in the rear view mirror but will stand the test of time.

Performance, reliability, unrivalled customer support and a great price!

Performance Statistics:

320 hp
320 ft-lbs torque
7 psi

JBS EFR 320 includes:

• Borg Warner EFR Series Turbo
• Turbo Smart Actuator
• JBS Custom Cast Exhaust Manifold
• Flow Optimised true 3" V-band Downpipe
• Stage 1 S/S Hard Piped Boost Circuit
• Braided Stainless Steel Oil Feed Line
• Braided Stainless Steel Oil Return lines
• Braided Stainless Steel Water Inlet and Return Lines
• Custom Turbo Intake Pipe and MAF Relocation Adaptor
• Stage 3 VVT Attack Software
• Labour, gaskets and fluid to fit all the above

JBS EFR 320 Upgrade Packages:

The JBS EFR Turbo series all revolve around a common heart; sharing the same core component spec (exhaust manifold, turbo, downpipe, boost piping etc) meaning that upgrading from the EFR 320 to the EFR 350 is very easy to achieve.

To upgrade from EFR 320 to EFR 350:

• JBS Custom Front Mount Intercooler
• JBS Stage 2 S/S hard piped boost circuit
• VVT Attack Software Upgrade


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DSG Upgrade

The JBS EFR 320 Stage 1 kit can be fitted on a standard DSG. We always use our CC Stage 1 DSG flash on all kits fitted to DSG equipped cars, which raises torque levels, rpm limits and shift points to name but a few.

Manual Upgrade 

For Manual cars it is recommended to have a performance Organic clutch fitted when carrying out this conversion, which can be selected from the options below.

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£4,416.67 exc VAT
£5300.00 inc VAT

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