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JBS-IMS650 Turbo Kit (MQB Platform)

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Petrol: 2.0 TFSI (310), 2.0 TFSI (300), 2.0 TFSI (280), 2.0 TSI (276), 2.0 TFSI (230), 2.0 TFSI (210)
VW: Golf (Mk7) (13+)
Skoda: Octavia (5E) (13+)
Audi: TT (8S) (14+), S3 (8V) (12+), A3 (8V) (12+), TTS (8S) (14+)
Seat: Leon(5F) (13+)

We are proud to introduce the JBS-IMS650 turbo kit in association with Iroz Motorsport.

The current UK Record for the fastest 62-124Mph (100-200Kph) is held by a JBS built, Custom-Code powered Mk7 Golf R DSG.

This kit is compatible with RHD MK7 Golf R and GTI, 8v A3 and S3, as well as 8S TTS and all other variants represents. It uses the latest technology, with the best materials and parts available in the industry.

After setting records in the 2.5TFSI platform, Iroz used the same formula to conquer the 2.0TSI EA888 Gen3 engine. They based their kits on the Xona Rotor turbocharger that has brought incredible reliability, unmatched performance, and the ability to retain the electronic waste gate actuator in an internal waste gate format.

All turbochargers are based on the same footprint of exhaust housing. 490hp-780hp kits are possible in the same basic housings and stainless CHRA.  While all the kits were developed around the IMS650, hardware and software is available for most sizes.

The 2.0T EA888 Gen3 TSI engine has proven to be reliable to 520Ftlb, however this kit can exceed that value if desired (ECU calibration). We can limit torque flat to 500Ftlb to avoid causing damage to rods and pistons.

JBS-IMS650 with Xona Rotor 65-64 with .63 A/R(Faster response but may require valve spring upgrade)

*Valve springs and retainers recommended to allow for 7500+ rpm


Pump 95 octane fuel with proper supporting mods 75% the turbocharger's rating is available.

Pump 98 octane fuel with proper supporting mods 80% of the turbocharger's rating is available.

100 octane fuel with proper supporting mods is 85% of the turbochargers rating is available.

C16 fuel with proper supporting mods 100% of the turbochargers rating is available.

E70-E100 with proper supporting mods, 105% of the turbochargers rating is available.

Please Note: All extras selected below include labour time, giving the full package price upon checkout.

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The kit for the Xona Rotor includes:

Xona Rotor Turbocharger with .63A/R hotside(.8 and 1.0 available upon request) and internal wastegate hotside vband in/out

Wastegate actuator bracket with hardware

Wastegate extender for factory actuator (turbo must be preloaded and vagcom adaptation performed)

Intake that adapts to most aftermarket or stock intakes (optional 3.5" piping available)

Factory return for PCV system

Charge pipe with BPV relocation pipe along with harness along with clamps/hoses

Downpipe with stock location o2 sensors, vband connection and factory hanger location(brackets included). Stainless 321 construction, purged with flex coupler. Open termination to allow end user to mate any exhaust. While initially planned to be mated to the stock exhaust fitment, the reality is that most of these kits will need more exhaust.

High quality Parker oil lines with CNC'ed connections to the block for plug and play fitment

Water pipe and lines to make water line connection plug and play

CNC head to turbo adapter flange

All vband clamps

All gaskets

hardware for install


Free flowing Intake.

Exhaust: The stock exhaust on most MQB platforms does a very good job for power up to 500bhp. While the weight is high, the performance is decent.  

Fueling: HPFP and LPFP are required.

DSG software: 16.5Bar Clamping pressure.

Manual Transmission: Clutch upgrade is a must. We like the Sachs upgraded PP/disk on stock Dual Mass flywheel.

Rods: Integrated Engineering connecting rods IE CONNECTING ROD SET FOR VW & AUDI MK7/MQB 2.0T WITH AFTERMARKET PISTONS.

Pistons: Mahle Powerpak pistons IE SPEC MAHLE PISTON SET FOR VW & AUDI MK7/MQB 2.0T GEN 3.

Intercooler: The stock intercooler will simply not put up with the CFM needed to power our kits.  

Uprated Valve Spring kit.

Engine mounts: Stock mounts need modifying if torque exceeds 500Ftlb on built motor. The engine rock pushes components where they should not be.


£5,041.67 exc VAT
£6050.00 inc VAT

JBS-IMS Turbo Kit Fitting:
* required
JBS-IMS Turbo Kit Gearbox:
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JBS-IMS Turbo Kit In Tank Fueling:
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JBS-IMS turbo Kit Induction:
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