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IMS Facelift RS3 8V/TTRS Intercooler

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Petrol: 2.5 TFSI (400)
Audi: TT RS (8S) (15+), RS3 (8V) (15+)

We are pleased to introduce the IROZ Motorsport Intercooler for the Facelift Audi RS3 8V and TTRS, fitted with the latest 400hp 2.5TFSI engine. 

Featuring a Garrett core, and CFD Billet end tanks complete with air diverts and baffles, this Intercooler is rated upto 800hp. A nice addition to any Stock or Stage 1 tuned vehicle and a msut have for anyone considering going to Stage 2.



TTRS Install Instructions

Delivery 5 working days
Approximate Fitting Time
3.00 hours at £65 per hour = £195 + VAT
£1,500.00 exc VAT
£1800.00 inc VAT

Iroz Facelift RS3 8V/TTRS Intercooler:
* required
Iroz Intercooler Finish:
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