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IMS Facelift RS3 8V/TTRS Downpipe

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Petrol: 2.5 TFSI (400)
Audi: TT RS (8S) (15+), RS3 (8V) (15+)

We are proud to introduce one of Iroz Motorsports new products for the TTRS/RS3 8V facelift 2.5T. Featuring a CNC machined 4″ T303 stainless steel vband flange and turbo outlet. Iroz 3″ mandrel-bent stainless steel design is free of obstructions and uses a premium core interlock style flex section.

For optimal clearance between downpipe and driveshaft their design splits from a 3″design to a dual 2.5″ design where two more stainless steel flanges mate seamlessly to your secondary catalysts or high flow mid pipes. The Iroz Secondary Pipes are required if you do not want to custom build mid pipes.

Each downpipe is hand built in their facility, and test fitted in hand made jigs to ensure exact fitment each and every time, with each pipe back purged to ensure the life-time warranty is never used. In addition to the quality craftsmanship and great sound, the TTRS High Flow Downpipes come with installation hardware.

Installation time is advised at 3 hours and a lift is highly recommended. The OEM downpipe is the opposite of fun to remove however, and the use of the driveshaft removal tool from Audi is highly recommended to remove the stub mount on transfer case as well. 

Unleash the sound of the 2.5TFSI with these pieces, where gains of 27whp on 91 octane have been seen on several beta cars.

Please Note:

These products are for offroad use only. Our experience with the OEM calibration is that o2 extenders do eliminate the CEL. The proper solution is to modify the OEM calibration to eliminate the secondary o2, requiring Stage 2 software.



Delivery 5 working days
Approximate Fitting Time
3.00 hours at £65 per hour = £195 + VAT
£730.00 exc VAT
£876.00 inc VAT

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