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Forge Motorsport Front Mounted Intercooler Kit (For VW Polo 1.8 T)

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Petrol: 1.8 20v T (150), 1.8 20v T (180)
VW: Polo 9N3 (MK4) (05 - 09)

This front mounting intercooler kit is suitable for the Mk VII VW Polo 1.8T with a 9N2 chassis, late 2006-onwards. The kit can be installed on vehicles equipped with or without headlight washers. Everything needed is supplied including comprehensive instructions. The difference, once installed is just amazing, but then thats not surprising with a reduction in temperature of up to 30 degrees Centigrade over the OEM intercooler.

This is a very tidy installation with the pipe runs kept to an absolute minimum so no additional lag is experienced.

During our testing we found an amazing improvement over the entire rev range. In the graph below you can see the inlet and outlet temperatures of the OEM side mount intercooler in blue and red, with the same test run repeated using the Forge front mounted intercooler. The Forge Intercooler temperatures being shown in green and purple. The amazing lower temperatures mean more power. Customers and even our own technicians have all said the same - this is just what this car needed!

Approximate Fitting Time
4.00 hours at £65 per hour = £260 + VAT
£587.76 exc VAT
Was £742.43 inc VAT
NOW £705.31 inc VAT