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Forge Motorsport Front Mounted Twintercooler Kit (For VW Golf 1.4 TSI)

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Petrol: 1.4 TSI (170)
VW: Golf (Mk5) (05 - 09)

For the MK5 Golf GT, with the 1.4 litre TSi engine, we can offer a sure way to improve on the charge air cooling, by using the Forge "TWINtercooler". Our ground breaking innovation, first proven on the 2 litre FSit engines, features our unique parallel intercooler configuration, which adds greater cooling efficiency throughout the entire RPM band, beyond that of a single intercooler setup, but without any perceived increase in turbo lag.  

Forge's data logging consistantly gave a reduction in temperature of up to, a peak of 9 degrees Centigrade

Such a large reduction in inlet temperatures clearly shows this intercoolers ability, and this is directly related to the power output of the engine. 

Approximate Fitting Time
4.00 hours at £65 per hour = £260 + VAT
£576.21 exc VAT
Was £727.85 inc VAT
NOW £691.46 inc VAT