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Part Number: 10.202.600K

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The latest offering from Autotech has arrived...

Autotech has long stated that open air filters in the engine compartment are a poor substitute for a good K&N® filter in the factory airbox. The primary reason is because any gains seen by removing the restrictive airbox are quickly lost when the motor ingests the hot air from the engine compartment. While the K&N panel replacement filters are still a good solution, the best solution for maximum power is now here: The Autotech Cold Air Intake.

The factory airbox has been found to be restrictive, robbing precious horsepower and stifling the engine's intake note under acceleration.

The intake tube mates to the mass airflow sensor via a silicone hose coupling for high performance that you demand and the race look you desire. Autotech engineers also insisted on using only original connectors to retain the factory air pump hose for an OEM quality installation.

Autotech has addressed both issues with our new Composite Cold Air Intake Kits.

The factory airbox is completely removed and a custom K&N air filter with an integrated velocity stack is placed as far away as possible from the motor to ingest cooler air.

Approximately 8 wheel horsepower and up to 20 ft.lbs of torque is gained on re-flashed 2.0T FSI motors, as is a throaty intake growl when putting the accelerator down!

Don't settle for competitor's heavier steel units when you can enjoy the ultra lightweight performance that composite provides, at a comparable price!