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Part Number: SW10001

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Representing the latest in turbocharger technology, LOBA take a factory brand new OE BorgWarner turbocharger and optimize with 5-AXIS CNC machining processes to reduce back pressure and maximize throughput, utilising a bigger extended tip compressor and also using a larger turbine wheel that they clip to increase the mid-range and top-end power, both are then precision balanced to less than 0.05 gmm and then balanced again together to far higher standards then OE, then LOBA fit a reinforced axial bearing for the very best compromise between power output, longevity and turbo response. LO270 delivers powerful, refined consistent performance.

The following LOBA specific optimizations were applied

  • state-of-the-art “Extended Tip” compressor wheel
  • 5-axis CNC re-profiled compressor housing and backplate
  • 5-axis CNC re-profiled turbine housing
  • special clipped turbine wheel
  • optimized clearances
  • modified actuator
  • uprated bearing
  • LOBA Superior Balancing

This is a direct OE replacment.

Depending on engine management settings, engine condition and other components utilized this turbo is capable of producing over 280PS