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Part Number: 200001034

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This high performance intercooler has the following core size (610x440x65), providing a 10% larger frontal area and 27% more volume compared to the original intercooler.

Optimized by CAD, the new competition-high-speed core and cast aluminium end tanks give this intercooler excellent cooling properties. Flow analyses and simulations were created to optimise the design.

This intercooler is the best choice when it comes to performance gains and low intake temperatures.

Fitment is easy, replacing the OEM intercooler. 

Exposed Core Volume: 610mm x 440mm x 65mm = 17,446cm³
Face Area: : 2684cm²
Weight : 9.2KG
Outlet and inlet 67mm

All of Wagner's products under go rigorous quality control.

Charge air cooler
Silicone Hoses
Hose clamps
Aluminium Adapter
Installation instructions