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Exhaust Mounts (Rallye/Limited)

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Petrol: 1.8 8v G60 (160), 1.8 16v G60 (210)
VW: Golf (Mk2) (83 - 92)


POWERFLEX Motorsport bushes have been developed to fulfil the demands of motorsport engineers and specialist car builders, both amateur and professional.

These bushes are manufactured solely with performance in mind for those who demand the very best.

POWERFLEX bushes make sense:

  • POWERFLEX for prolonged tyre life.
  • POWERFLEX for improved performance.
  • POWERFLEX for increased safety.


Quantity per pack -  1

Price per pack

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 *Fitting time per side

Approximate Fitting Time
0.50 hours at £65 per hour = £32.5 + VAT
£5.86 exc VAT
£7.03 inc VAT