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VVT Attack Forced Induction

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See What Engines/Models This Product Fits
Petrol: 3.2 V6 (240), 3.2 V6 (250)
Audi: A3 (8P) (03+), TT (8J) (06+), TT (8N) (99 - 06)
VW: Golf (Mk4) (97 - 04), Golf (Mk5) (05 - 09)

The latest technology and factory information has been used along with some of the best Bosch calibrators in the business to produce a product not yet seen in the VAG industry.

The complete recalibration of the R32 factory VVT bring performance gains previously never thought possible.

The precise calculations needed for the calibration of the inlet and exhaust cams, along with the custom cylinder filling and torque maps make this a totally custom application.

The smallest change in back pressure over our calibration cars , can have a huge affect on the calibration of the VVT and ignition values.

The VVT Attack has been fully tested on forced induction applications and is now available for the R32 Supercharger application and the entire JBS TS turbo kit series.

With all the benefits listed above, the VVT Attack also has the ability to spool any turbo up to 1000 RPM earlier than any NON VVT Attack calibrated kit. This, along with a massive 80ftlb increase in torque for the supercharger application makes this a VERY exciting product.

MkV owners with DSG can also take advantage of the VVT Attack calibration. Fully compatible DSG software is also available. Improved shifting speed and change points were needed to make the most of the new torque now available.         

Also with the VVT Attack Calibration you can see:

1. Improved thermal efficiency means your engine runs cooler and with less EGT this can result in prolonged engine and component life and improved fuel economy.

2. A Substantially smoother running engine both at idle and when on load.

3. The engine is now much more willing to rev, giving the feeling of a larger cubic capacity engine.

4. No flat spots or drop in torque, smooth power delivery all the way to the rev limit.

5. The improved exhaust cam calibration now allows the engine to expel the exhaust gasses much more efficiently, this give a much deeper and sportier sound to the exhaust note.


If you already have Custom-Code Phase 3 FI on your car you can easily upgrade to the VVT Attack software at the discounted price of £450 inc VAT

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Approximate Fitting Time
2.00 hours
£723.40 exc VAT
£868.08 inc VAT