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Airtec Front Mount Intercooler - (For Audi S1)

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Petrol: 2.0 TFSI (228)
Audi: S1 (8X) (14+)

Airtec has released their Audi Sport S1 Front Mount Intercooler upgrade to its growing range of performance intercoolers.

Audi have made a great job of shoehorning the 2.0 tsi from the Golf Gti into the small chassis of the S1, unfortunately due to the size restrictions of the S1 they have made a huge compromise in the intercooler department and the S1 intercooler is a third of the size found in the Golf GTI.

Road tests found the standard intercooler was heat soaking (unable to cool the intake temps from turbo) and temperatures rising to 69 degrees which causes the ecu to pull timing out of the map and means a drop in bhp.
With the Airtec intercooler upgrade fitted the intake temps didn't rise above 24 degree's which means no loss in bhp. Test taken on standard S1 using Snap-on Ethos.

Airtec take a huge amount of pride in making sure their kits are finished to an extremely high standard, why not make your S1 stand out by choosing Super Stealth satin black for a more OEM look or go for the Silver finish for the maximum impact.

Great addition to your standard or re-mapped S1.

AIRTEC Front mount Intercooler Features

  • 1 x Huge stepped Intercooler core 80mm bottom section and 60mm top section, with flowed cast end tanks, this means less welding and a stronger Intercooler
  • Un-Beatable value for money
  • Proven Power Increase's for Fast Road & Track
  • Airtec 3 year unlimited mileage warranty
  • Fitting will take 3-4 hours depending on mechanical skill
  • Fits to standard hoses
  • Finished in Pro-Series Satin Black or Natural Silver, please choose from options
  • Optional Airtec logo

Approximate sizes:

875mm width

200mm height

80mm/60mm thick


Delivery 4 working days
Approximate Fitting Time
2.50 hours at £65 per hour = £162.5 + VAT
£391.88 exc VAT
Was: £495.00 inc VAT
Now: £470.25 inc VAT

Airtec Intercooler Finish:
* required
Airtec Logo:
* required